Vocational Skills

Compositive Model

Vocational Skills

Vocational or “working” skills include marketable skills, teamwork, and self-motivation.

Key research findings

  • Participation in youth development organizations and career education programs can significantly improve vocational skills among youth.
  • One study demonstrated that participation in a career education class positively influenced career decision-making, self-efficacy, and vocational skills such as completing a job application correctly among high school students.

Promising practices

  • 4-H is a positive youth development organization that provides hands-on learning opportunities for youth in three areas (science, citizenship, and healthy living) that serve to promote the development of life skills.
  • The Summer Training and Education Program (STEP) is a program designed to prevent risky behavior and reduce academic losses over the summer among disadvantaged adolescents.
  • A study found that program participants demonstrated increases in academics (both reading and math) and contraceptive knowledge immediately following the program; yet, in the long-term many positive effects faded. No link available.

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