Miami Herald: Teaching kids about the arts helps develop their social, emotional skills

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When you introduce your children to museums, dance and theater, you’re exposing them to more than just a fun extracurricular activity, you’re introducing them to the world of art, culture and inclusiveness. And that means piloting them toward excellence.

The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) has found strong evidence proving that art has a positive effect on young children (infants through 8-year-olds), which aids in the development of their social and emotional skills.

Exposure to the arts, be it as simple as finger-painting to as extensive as seeing a Broadway-level show, is not simply a creative pursuit, but rather a means to help children learn about other, seemingly unrelated subjects. Study after study, in fact, has shown that children who explore and participate in creative and artistic outlets perform better at reading, writing and math; develop self-confidence and self-esteem; boost self-reliance; and increase empathy and compassion.


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