Reading the Same Books to Your Kids Makes Them Smarter

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Reading a book over and over can help children improve vocabulary and comprehension.

A recent article in Motherly poses that while reading the same book every single night might be painful for you, it’s great for your child’s comprehension of vocabulary.

Did you know that every night, when you snuggle up with your preschooler and they select that favorite book (you know the one I’m talking about…you’ve read it 300 times), you’re actually preparing them for academic success and test taking?

You might either be intrigued or infuriated, but hear me out. Something really magical is going on that is vital to their future school success.

I’m talking about vocabulary comprehension.

When children are learning to read in Kindergarten they are learning skills that help them decode and sound out words. However, the words have to make sense. They have to understand the words they are reading in order to comprehend the story, and that is where vocabulary is a very important and often overlooked component to building readers.

So next time you preschooler hands you Llama, Llama for the millionth time, don’t despair.

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