At-home science

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No Cost
About 30 minutes


Explore nature with your child, either inside your home or outside. You won’t need to go far to find plenty of interesting things to look at—plants, trees, vegetables, gravel, insects, sticks, rocks, water, and so on. Ask your child to choose something that he or she would like to look at closely and learn more about. With your child, talk about what he or she chose. Ask such questions as:

• Why did you choose this?

• What interests you most about it?

• What different parts does it have?

• Where do you think it came from?

• What do you notice about it?

• What words can describe it (for example, hard, soft, smooth, bumpy, heavy)?

• What do you wonder about it? What would you like to know about it?


Have your child draw a picture of the object he or she chose. Then help your child write one or two things that he or she would like to learn about it. (Source: Caring School Community)

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