Cooking and math go hand in hand.

Activity Type Setting Cost Time
Moderate cost ($5 - $20)
About 30 minutes


Next time you are trying to dream up what to cook for dinner, engage your child and turn it into a math challenge.  First, set a budget for dinner – maybe $20.  Then, talk about a meal that the whole family would like and the ingredients you will need to buy to make the meal.  Get online with your child and research the cost of each of the ingredients.  Add up the total and see if you are within your budget.  If you are over budget, talk about what you might be willing to do without.  And if you are under budget, talk about what treat you might be able to add.  Then head to the store together to get your ingredients. 

Variations – you could do a similar exercise based on trying to reach certain nutritional goals such as total calories

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