Learning to give and receive direction

Activity Type Setting Cost Time
No Cost
About 30 minutes


Come up with a list of chores that are appropriate for a small group of children (siblings and/or friends.)  To keep it manageable, make sure the list can be completed in about 30 minutes.  Then, flip a coin or draw a name out of a hat to select one child to be the “boss” and to delegate tasks to the other children.  Observe how the delegation is handled and how the “workers” respond.  When the chores are completed, have a discussion about how it feels to be the boss, and how it feels to be told what to do.


Optional follow-up: repeat the activity another day and make sure the roles change.  Again observe the behavior of the boss and the workers. Is it different than the first time around?  Discuss whether knowing what it feels like to be told what to do makes it easier or harder to be the boss.  

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