Time management can actually be fun!

Activity Type Setting Cost Time
No Cost
About 30 minutes


Tired of nagging your child about getting everything done over the weekend?  Turn it into a game. Sit down with your child and make list with three categories:

·         Things that have to get done

·         Things your child would like to do

·         Things you would like to do

For each item, decide how much time it will take to complete the activity.

Next make a calendar for the weekend that divides the time available into 15-minute segments. (We might provide a template.)  Then, talk about when you are going to do the things that have to get done.  Put those on the calendar and have your child color them red.  With the time that is left, take turns putting what you want to do on the calendar – your child can color the blocks of time that are his “want to do’s” blue, and you can color your “want to do’s” green.  Once the calendar is complete, make a game of sticking to it by checking off each of the things on the calendar that you complete.


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